Inauguration of the commissioning of the electricity grids of 24 communities of the ZIRO, and symbolic installation of the first solar panels of the Cassou power plant


The ceremony to commission the power grids of 24 ZIRO communities composed in lot 1 and 2 of the electrical grid component of the ERD ZIGO project in Burkina Faso took place on Thursday 03 September 2020 in Cassou, province of ZIRO.

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The commissioning ceremony was coupled with the symbolic installation of the first solar panels of the Cassou power plant as part of the same project.



The ceremony was presided by the Minister of Energy, Mr. Bashir Ishmael OUEDRAOGO, with the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic. Were also present the first leaders of the various departments responsible for the implementation of the electrification programme of the Burkinabe government : the General Director of SONABEL (National Electricity Society of Burkina Faso), his counterparts from the ABER (Burkinabe Rural Administration Agency, ex Fonds of Development of Electrification -FDE), and ANEREE (National Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency), and the president of the ABER Administration Board

The first managers of the companies in charge of the works were also present: the General Administrator of PPI (lot 1 networks and lot 2 solar power plant: Matiacoali), its counterpart of SIMEEEL (Lots 2 and 4 networks), theGeneral Director of BTSI (Lot 3 networks), the General Director of Sahel Energy Solar, grouping with SAGEMCOM (lot 1 solar power plant: Cassou).

As a reminder, the ZIGO project financed by the European Union and the ABER (Burkinabe Rural Electricity Agency) consists of the electrification of 45 localities, 14 of which are in the province of Gourma (East region) and 31 in that of Ziro (Central West region); by the constructionof m

edium voltage and low voltage distribution networks  aimed at  connecting 31,000 inhabitants, more than 5,000 households. The availability of energy will be supported by the construction of two solar injection plants, the first panels of which have just been installed in Cassou and one in Matiakoali (work in progress), allowing to develop and energize the local economy.


National television report, broadcast on the 13H newspaper of 04/09/2020 of the national television:

Videos of the speeches of the Mayor of Cassou, the Ambassador of the European UnionE in Burkina Faso andtheDirectorGeneralof the ABER