25 years anniversary of the FFEM : Innovating for Sustainable Development : scale-up of effective solutions with an integrated approach to sustainable development.

logo ffemOn March 5, 2020 Anjali Shanker, Managing Director of IED and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee participated in the 25th anniversary of the FFEM (The French Facility for Global Environment)  with Sabrina Krief, primatologist professor at the Museum of Natural History, Sébastien Treyer Director General of the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the FFEM and Thomas Landrain co-founder and chairman of the One.


In her speech, Anjali Shanker DG of IED praised the rare quality of listening and the flexibility shown by the FFEM in its many initiatives supporting sustainable development. All too often, these initiatives face blockages such as over-regulation that annihilates initiatives or the complexity of financial closures and the risk aversion of funders.

Sustainable development has historically been at the heart of our approach. IED is working closely with the FFEM to undertake innovative actions on sustainable development, which is reflected  in the project of  venergy energy development of agricultural industries waste through the local appropriation and deploymentof gasogens in Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and West Africa.

The objective of this project is to develop a viable solution for the recovery of agricultural and agro-industrial waste, for powers of 200kWe to 2MWe, with a strong impact on local economies, employment, local environment and climate change, through a transfer of manufacturing and operating know-how already operational in Cambodia.

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