Mission in Namibia: first steps of the project

20191120 105827In July 2019, IED started a project supported by the World Bank and aiming to conduct a least cost geospatial electrification plan in Namibia. The realization of this national strategy will be used by the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy for its rural electrification plan.

In mid-November, IED members went to the Department’s office in Windhoek to present the inception report to the stakeholders. Thus, they could validate together the approach taken for the conception of the plan. They also spent half of a day to train the local key players of the energy industry on Geographical Information System (GIS).

Finally, they visited rural and suburban sites in the North of the country with the aim of completing the data collection by checking the existing facilities and analyzing the site layout.

Our team will go back to Namibia in March 2020 to present the draft planning. Stay tuned!