Development of the monitoring-evaluation and impact assessment in Kenya

IMG 27821IMG 27801Members of the IED team gathered in Kenya in late November 2019 with a view to start monitoring the Green Mini Grid (GMG) project. This complementary activity called Internal Monitoring & Evaluation Program (IMEP) will be used for measuring performance, impact and outcomes of the mini-grids on renewable energy installed in Kenya.

Monitoring will be divided into two stages:

  • December 2019 : Current state of play through a survey based on a sample of the Kenyan population
  • July 2020 : Impact assessment by means of a second survey based on the same sample in order to compare with the initial situation

During the inception week, French and Kenyan staff members of IED congregated to define relevant indicators for the study. Then, they laid out IMEP to the stakeholders. Finally, a capacity-building workshop was organized with those who will lead the survey, in particular on the use of touchscreen tablet used for the surveys.

IMEP has two key advantages: not only it will inform the donors and other relevant stakeholders on the results of the program and its impact but it will also provide good practices for future interventions in Kenya!