Official launch of the National Electrification Strategy Project for Uganda

28/10/2019 – IED is pleased to announce that the project which will generate an Electrification Plan to the Ugandan government has officially begun.2019 Ouganda Réunion lancement NES

The Uganda Department of Energy receives financial supports from the World Bank to develop their Grid Extension and Reinforcement Project that aimed to improve the electricity supply within the country. In this respect, IED has been requested to elaborate a national plan within a period of seven months, with a stated aim of sustainability and impact.

Mid-October, all of the project stakeholders gathered for the first time in Kampala. This meeting enables the IED team to collect various data on the technical, socio-economic and institutional dimensions of the electricity sector and to plan activities.

Subsequently, we will produce an overall planning framework to optimize the Ugandan electricity services and their infrastructures along with a monitoring and evaluation system in order to observe the outcomes.

Through this project, we will contribute to increase the electrification rate in the country.

Debriefing in April 2020 !