Our environmental responsibility is important

In the frame of our environmental & social policy, IED compensates for its carbon emissions and supports 2 projects certified "Climate+" by Gold Standard (allows climate and development initiatives to quantify, certify, and maximise their impacts toward climate security and sustainable development).

Travels in our working countries generated 187 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2018. The carbon-offsetting process allows for participation in projects that have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The projects supported are:


- Kenya Biogas Program - 149 T: Domestic biodigestors provide a means for pastoralists to reduce their reliance on polluting firewood and expensive fossil fuels.


-Safe Water Access in Rwanda - 38 T : Provide clean and safe water by identifying and rehabilitating failed boreholes. A continuous maintenance program, combined with trainig on water and sanitation, ensures that a safe and reliable water supply is maintained in the community. Among other things, this allows a reduction in firewood expenses, leaving money for free for other household expenses and reducing pressure on local fauna and flora and ecosystems due to reduced deforestation.







By being conscious of the choices you make and their effect on the environment, you not only reduce your own carbon footprint but also build demand for more Climate+ policies, practices and products around the world.