IED works on capacity building in Benin

Three weeks of training were organized in IED premises in Cotonou on rural electrification planning using the GEOSIM software. This training was provided for officials from the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management, the Beninese Electricity Company of the Ministry of Energy and the Regulatory Agency of Benin. The training was conducted over three weeks and covered the following topics.

-Mastery of geographic information systems: establishment and consolidation of georeferenced databases at the nation20190301 133933al level.

-Spatial analysis: establishment of a priority order among the localities to be electrified according to their development potential calculated on the basis of the presence of socio-economic infrastructures.

-Demand forecasting: forecasting energy consumption and peak power demand for all the villages concerned using a bottom-up method.

-Planning of medium voltage network extensions, optimal layout of electricity distribution lines, establishment of an investment plan, electrical validation of proposed extensions.

-Planning of mini-grid power options powered by renewable energies or gensets. Covered were Hydroelectric, Biomass and Solar-PV technologies.

-Pre-electrification needs studies for the last isolated localities not covered by the previous components.

At the end of this training, trainees were able to carry out nationwide planning for rural electrification for Benin. Visio-Conferences distance learning sessions are planned for the coming months.