Approval of Regulatory Framework Deree

The Decree on the Regulatory Framework for Off-Grid Electrification in the Republic of Benin was approved by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, October 3, 2018!

This decree is the culmination of an initiative begun in 2017 to provide people in remote areas of Benin, which can not be connected to the national power grid for many years, in viable and financially accessible electrical services.

This initiative of the Beninese government, supported by the "Access to Energy" project of the Second Compact, funded by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCC), implemented by IED, led to the development of:

- An innovative off-grid electrification policy using renewable energies (especially solar photovoltaic), smart prepayment metering (to control its consumption according to its payment capacity), and private sector operators for the financing, installation and operation of electrification solutions,

- A master plan for off-grid electrification, offering for all municipalities in Benin (around 1.2 million people) the options offered: mini networks powered by solar power plants or individual solutions for solar kits and lamps. Beneficiaries, households, social infrastructure (schools, health centers, police stations, etc.), rural entrepreneurs, will all benefit from the improvement of their domestic comfort, education, health and safety services. , public lighting and installations of drilling / pumping equipment promoting access to water (drinking and irrigation).

- Regulatory framework for off-grid electrification, defining and controlling the activities of private operators, who will have exploitation titles granted by the licensing authority, in this case the Beninese Rural Electrification Agency (ABERME), after obtaining the assent of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ARE).