35th EU PVSEC Event

The 35th EU PVSEC takes place 24-28 September 2018 in Brussels (https://www.photovoltaic-conference.com/). A poster designed by IED will be displayed at this event, on PVPS booth.

Indeed, IED recently completed a PVPS study on PV self-consumption policies comparison in various emerging countries*.

More information: Download the report from https://www.ied-sa.fr/fr/ressources-documentaires/publications.html (available from October 2018)

*This study is co-financed by ADEME, and results from IED involvement the Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS). PVPS is one of the collaborative R&D Agreements established within the International Energy Agency (http://www.iea-pvps.org/). See previous News for further info on the study.   24th September 2018Poster