Publication "Pico Solar PV Systems for Remote Homes", Task 9 of the PVPS Programme, (Photovoltaic Power Systems)

image Report T9In January, 2013, a publication on Pico PV Systems for remote homes has been edited under the coordination of IED. This publication is focused on a study on the pico PV systems technology and its applications. The study approaches on one hand the demand of the market, on the other hand the nature and supply of the products, their economics, and experience with various business models. There are clear lessons for the roles that should be played by governments, donor bodies and others in the markets for pico PV products and services as well as recommendations for the sustainable benefits for the users.

This publication comes from a workgroup of the International Energy Agency, IEA PVPS "Deployment of PV services for Regional Development", a workgroup coordinated by IED since 1993.


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