IED Consult in Technical Assistance to Senegal for Universal Access to Electricity

To achieve its goal of universal access to electricity, Senegal has set up a Universal Access Program (PAU), and has strengthened the coordination of its institutions that implement rural electrification projects through the creation of a Coordination and Supervision Unit of the Universal Access Program (UCS-PAU).

IED Consult, in a consortium with Ginger International, has been working since November 2022 as a Technical Assistant to support the UCS in setting up the monitoring and planning tools for the Universal Access Programme, and to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Energy and UCS member institutions. More than 10 training courses from the Ministry's training plan have already been endorsed, and 2 training courses on the methods and software developed by IED have been organized for the benefit of UCS member institutions.

  • In February 2023, training in geospatial planning of electrification at a lower cost with GEOSIM®


  • And in May 2023, a training on cost reduction on distribution networks: optimization of electrical and mechanical dimensions of MV and LV networks with GISTELEC® software, presentation of technical solutions for electrification at a lower cost, field visit and meeting of operator of optimized electrification solution.


Technical Assistance is funded by the European Union under the PADERAU programme

Commissioning of the Tolaro biomass self-production plant in Benin

In recent weeks, IED Invest has installed the gasification and power generation system of the biomass plant of the agro-industrial Tolaro Global in Benin.

This project was the opportunity for the teams from Cambodia, Côte d'Ivoire and Benin to work hand in hand to build this first biomass self-production plant constructed by IED Invest in Africa.

Tolaro mise en service

The operation checks and tests were conclusive, and the commissioning of the plant was carried out on June 2, 2023 - in the presence of representatives of the OCEF Facility of the Millenium Challenge Account - MCA Benin II which co-financed this installation.

The connection line of the self-generation plant is to be built by July. The IED Invest team members, based in Côte d'Ivoire, will once again be mobilized to support the operator during the first months of operation, and ensure the success of capacity building.

The biochar briquettes production line will also be installed at that time. About 50 tonnes of alternative fuel can be produced each month, thus contributing to the reduction of pressure on the region's forest resources.

We are indeed eagerly awaiting the upcoming start of the gasifier exploitation to supply electricity to the plant from cashew shells that it produces, and thus improve its competitivness while limiting the impact on the environment.

IED stands with AFREC for National Energetic Information Systems (NEIS) strengthening and deployment in the African Union members states

The African Comission Energy (AFREC) organized a workshop on march 09, 2023, to present and validate the results of the program « Invest in Sustainable Energy statistics in Africa » test phasis launched on January 2022, a support program conceived to strenghthen or establish the National Energy Information Systems and improve the energetic statistics quality and coverage in the African Union (AU) member states.

This workshop leaded by both IED and the AFREC, pointed out energetic systems diagnosis reports and quinquennial action plans of each participating country. It was as well the opportunity to expose the challenges of member states and identify each country needs regarding the implementation of the reports recommendations.

As partner of this program implementation, IED worked closely with AFREC and the main national points during this past year in order to evaluate in details national energetic statistics programs, to set a diagnosis and also a quinquennial action plan for energetic statistics for each participating country.

The 10 member states diagnosis reports and action plans form an important execution tool to search for investments, to guide recommendations implementation and create or improve countries’ contributions to the NEIS, in order to establish a better energetic planning on the African continent.

In his opening speach, AFREC executive Director, Mr. Rashid Abdallah, thanked all the participants for their involvement in the program, focused on its importance for a more efficient energy resources management while developing sustainable energies progress. These efforts devoted by AFREC to enhance energy sector in Africa were praised by the African-EU energy partnership secretary-chief, Mr. Johan van den Berg.

 AFREC capetown

Check the AFREC web page :

IED selected for technical assistance to the PCCET for the construction of a 4MW biomass power plant in Ivory Coast

With proven specific expertise in the study, design, implementation and operation of biomass power plants, as well as the analysis of biomass resources and their sustainability, IED brings its technical expertise to the PCCET (Competitive Value Chains for Employment and Economic Transformation Project).

The power plant project consists of a 4MW unit using residues from cocoa, palm oil and possibly rubber processing as fuel. The particularity is that the plant will be built on an industrial site located in San Pedro that will process cocoa beans and benefit from a supply of electricity and heat. The client will be a project company in which the processing company will be involved; construction and operation will be entrusted to engineering and service companies with experience in projects of comparable size.  


The mission of IED is to carry out the preliminary technical studies, i.e. to verify the availability of the resource; to define the electrical and thermal producible in relation to the needs of the processing company; establish the technical principles of the design as well as the technical performances; quantify investments and draft the technical documentation of the tender documents; and assist the PCCET in the recruitment of a builder.

In addition to IED technical assistance, the PCCET has also recruited firms to address legal, tax and financial issues, as well as environmental impacts.

The start of the construction phase is expected in 2024 for commissioning before 2026.

Launch of Mauritania energy sector modelling by 2050

IED has recently started activities related to the project to model Mauritania's energy trajectory to 2050.

This project, supported by AFD, was launched by a mission to Nouakchott to meet all the sectors for which the theme of energy is central: transport, cooking, industries, mining, fishing, agriculture.

Mauritanie pix

A workshop gathering all sectors introduced a broad discussion on these themes. If today Mauritania's energy balance is dominated by traditional biomass and hydrocarbons, by 2050 the country's profile could be upset with the exploitation of its major natural gas resources and the production of green hydrogen through the development of the country's immense solar and wind potential.

IED and its partners Artelys and Tenmya are mandated to help the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of the Environment and SOMELEC to identify the 4 most potential energy trajectories by 2050. These trajectories will be analysed through the prism of access to clean energy, the CO2 emissions diminution, investment cost and sustainability of biomass resource exploitation.