SENELEC's Renewable Energy Department staff trained at IED on biomass projects !

As part of its activities and expertise, IED has been asked by SENELEC (Société Nationale d'Electricité du Sénégal) to train its Renewable Energy Department staff in technical and economic analysis of biomass electricity production projects, as well as in dialogue with private developers.

A ten-day training course from October 10 to October 25, 2023, was held by IED at the company's headquarters in Francheville, in the Lyon region.

Senelec Oct2023 022

The training was structured around the following themes:

  • Methods for identifying biomass resources (agro-industrial waste, household waste) on the national territory and in the environment of a power plant project.
  • Electricity generation technologies (boiler + turbo generator, gasifier, anaerobic digestion) with visits on sites in operation (1 wood cogeneration plant, 1 biogas plant for agro-industrial residues).
  • Technical and economic analyses of projects and biomass delivery to the plant.
  • Presentation of points of attention for electricity sector authorities to successfully design and implement biomass power generation plans and develop a project with a private sector partner.

Senelec Pierrelatte 1

The different topics were addressed through theoretical presentations and practical manual exercises. Subsequently, the trainees were able to put into practice their knowledge assimilated at the end of this training, and carry out theoretical exercises on open source tools and economic analysis models made available.

Equipped with this new expertise, these trainees are now equipped to face the biomass power generation projects challenges in Senegal!

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IED Consult carries out detailed pre-design studies and tender documents for the extension and modernization of MV-LV networks in Benin

In order to improve the quality of electricity supply and increase the country's access rate and in accordance with the 2021-2026 Action Program of the beninese Governement, the Beninese Electric Energy Company (SBEE) has initiated with the support of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) the SBEE's Electricity Network Modernization and Extension Project: ProMER, to the tune of 30 billion 65 million CFA francs.

As part of this ProMER project, the long-standing collaboration between IED and SBEE continues. The SBEE mandated IED to carry out the pre-detailed design studies and tender documents related to this project.

More specifically, IED will carry out the following activities:

  • Collecting data for studies
  • Validation missions of APS routes
  • Carrying out detailed pre-design studies for the extension and densification of the MV-LV networks, including:
      • 74 HV-LV transformer substations
      • 55 km of MV lines
      • 467 km of LV lines
      • 16,149 connections
  • Modernisation of HV-LV networks including:
      • Upgrading of 66 H59 and 23 H61 stations
      • Installation of 126 IACMs, 14 IATs and 220 DHPs
      • Reinforcement of 232 km of MV lines
      • The closure of the HVA network over 28km
      • The construction of (07) seven HVA-HVA distribution substations and the rehabilitation of one substation
      • The change of voltage level to 33 kV for 333km of MV lines
  • Preparation of tender documents for the recruitment of companies in charge of the works
  • The realization of the Terms of Reference and the Request for Proposal for the recruitment of the consulting engineer in charge of supervising the works


IED Consult participates in the capitalization of the MCA Benin II Off-grid Electrification project

 The off-grid electricity access project of the MCA Benin-II program ended on June 22, 2023. This project represents nearly 6 years of work consisting of setting up first a friendly environment to off-grid electricity in Benin, then through the "Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility" (OCEF), to support private investment in off-grid in Benin. Through OCEF, it is more than 40,000 solar products which have been sold/distributed by the private sector and more than 50 mini-grids will be commissioned by the end of 2023 by 3 private operators.

IED Consult had the pleasure to follow the project for MCA Benin-II as a technical assistant to :

  •  Develop a master plan, a national strategy, and a regulatory framework for off-grid electrification, adopted by the Government of Benin at the end of 2018 ; strengthen the national institutions capacities to regulate and monitor mini-network actvities ;
  • Support the implementation of the regulatory framework with national institutions (signature of concessions agreement, work monitoring until commissioning) ;
  • Support the project capitalization

A workshop to capitalize on the off-grid regulatory framework and its implementation was organized by MCA Benin II on 26 and 27 July 2023 at the Azalaï Hotel in Cotonou. This workshop aim was to share the lessons learned during the project 6 years duration, leading to recommendations and a roadmap for each of the institutions directly involved in the implementation, to improve and sustain the regulatory framework for off-grid electrification.

pix MCA Bénin 1

Pix MCA Bénin 2

The "Ashalayam Khelo" team ready for the Rugby Heritage Cup and the Rugby World Cup celebrations!


The IED Group is involved and committed and pursues an active CSR policy by supporting projects carried out by its employees that respond in a concrete and sustainable way to the needs and challenges of our society. Each year, several actions are supported and encouraged in various fields such as culture, associative life and in particular on the aspect of aid to vulnerable populations in precarious situations.

For many years, IED has supported the Indian association ASA "Ashalayam Support Association"  which rehabilitates street children in Calcutta by giving them access to shelter, care and vocational training.

Rugby being an integral part of Ashalayam's DNA which constituted the Khelo rugby team, and its values such as team spirit and surpassing oneself which are also those of IED, IED naturally decided to provide support to allow the Ashalayam Khelo team composed of 14 children and its 4 attendants,  to participate in the Rugby World Cup of schools in Pontlevoy and the celebrations of the Rugby 200th anniversary that take place in Paris!

We wish them good luck and success !

IED’s new waste-to-energy challenge : The biostar Project in Senegal

As part of the Biostar project, IED was selected for the supply and commissioning of a self-production power plant based on the gasification of rice husk in a rice mill in the Senegal River Valley.

 Biostar 06

The Biostar project, coordinated by CIRAD, aims to improve the energy supply of agri-food processing SMEs through bioenergy in West Africa.

Thus, the installation of this 85 kW net gasification system will enable the rice mill:

  • to be quasi-autonomous in electricity, a very expensive item;
  • to recover its own waste, which presents a significant environmental risk;
  • to generate an alternative income from the valorization of residual biochar from gasification.

 pix news biostar

This project is the second pilot project of the Agrogazelec project, carried out with the support of the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), aiming to improve waste-to-energy through gasification.