Another record year in 2023 for the sales of software and IT solutions in the Energy sector for IED Digital Solutions !

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The diffusion of IED solutions is accelerating on the African market, in particular among private players (design offices, international engineering companies) and national electricity companies. GISELEC and GEOSIM software are driving the software market with a clear increase in demand.

Bright prospects for 2024 with the arrival of a major version of GEOSIM increasingly integrated into our customers' existing information systems and databases, new functional developments on GISELEC and the development of IMS mobile solutions and geolocation for potential customers...

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That was 6 years ago... Commissioning of the IED Invest gas generator plant in Sra Em

That was 6 years ago !

On 17 December 2017, the injection tests on the grid of the IED Invest power plant in Sra Em, in northern Cambodia, began.

6yrs SraEm

Based on the gasification of wood waste, this plant has benefited from our experience acquired on the two previous plants of this type that we built in 2011 (Char Chuuck and Angkor Chum).

Equipped with four gasifiers for a total power of 800 kW gross, this plant aimed to produce electricity from non-recovered wood waste in order to support the voltage plan in this area located at the end of the medium-voltage network.

Thanks to our efforts to continuously improve the design of our equipment and the operating and maintenance procedures, we are proud to see that the performance is there:

  • Since the start-up, nearly 30 GWh of electricity has been injected into the grid
  • In 2023, 480 MWh sold every month – the highest level reached
  • Every month, 50 tons of charcoal briquettes are marketed
  • 50 permanent employees, for the preparation of biomass, the operation of the power plant and the production of green coal.

6yrs scheme

On the occasion of this anniversary, a big thank you to all the colleagues who work every day to ensure the smooth running of the plant, and to the institutions that have supported us to make this project a reality (in particular the FFEM and EEP Mekong).

Through IED Invest Cambodia's social fund, the children of the plant's staff benefit from scholarships to ensure that they can continue their education and develop their talents.

6yrs SraEm2

It is on the strength of this experience as a developer and gasification plant that IED Invest has positioned itself as an EPC (Design, Supply and Installation) contractor for biomass gasification plants, with a view to technology transfer to Africa. With two projects underway in West Africa, IED Invest is committed to supporting future operators over the long term.

IED receives MEDEF's visit in Ganvié, Benin

MEDEF International's Sustainable City Task Force organized a business mission to Benin from 04 to 06 December 2023. During this mission, the delegation visited the lake village of Ganvié's electrification works sites, which sites IED is the prime contractor on behalf of the ANPT (National Agency for the Promotion of Heritage and Tourism Development) and the SBEE (Beninese Electric Energy Company).

MEDEF Bénin1

This visit took place on the afternoon of 06 December 2023. After a general presentation of the project financed by AFD (French Development Agency), the site multi challenges and the progress of the works by IED, RMT-Eiffage company described the specific innovative underwater and aerial technologies deployed within the framework of this project.

The MEDEF delegation then travelled by motorized canoe to some sites where the work has already been achieved, in order to assess the issues represented and the technologies implemented in this lake village.

MEDEF Bénin 2

IED Consult appointed to update Kenya's National Electrification Strategy

In consortium with its GME partners, the World Resources Institute and Strathmore University, IED Consult has been selected to update Kenya's National Electrification Strategy.

Currently, access to electricity in Kenya is estimated at 89%. Nevertheless, the connection rate of households remains quite uneven from one region to another, and can remain very low in rural areas.


Using the geospatial planning tool GEOSIM®, as well as an in-depth institutional and financial study, the goal of this World Bank-funded project is to support the Ministry of Energy to define a roadmap for universal access to electricity services in the possible shortest time and at the lowest cost.

IED will be able to draw on the resources and knowledge previously acquired in Kenya through the GMG (Assistance for the Development of Mini-Grids) and SETA (Support for the Development of County Energy Plans) projects to carry out this mission.

SENELEC's Renewable Energy Department staff trained at IED on biomass projects !

As part of its activities and expertise, IED has been asked by SENELEC (Société Nationale d'Electricité du Sénégal) to train its Renewable Energy Department staff in technical and economic analysis of biomass electricity production projects, as well as in dialogue with private developers.

A ten-day training course from October 10 to October 25, 2023, was held by IED at the company's headquarters in Francheville, in the Lyon region.

Senelec Oct2023 022

The training was structured around the following themes:

  • Methods for identifying biomass resources (agro-industrial waste, household waste) on the national territory and in the environment of a power plant project.
  • Electricity generation technologies (boiler + turbo generator, gasifier, anaerobic digestion) with visits on sites in operation (1 wood cogeneration plant, 1 biogas plant for agro-industrial residues).
  • Technical and economic analyses of projects and biomass delivery to the plant.
  • Presentation of points of attention for electricity sector authorities to successfully design and implement biomass power generation plans and develop a project with a private sector partner.

Senelec Pierrelatte 1

The different topics were addressed through theoretical presentations and practical manual exercises. Subsequently, the trainees were able to put into practice their knowledge assimilated at the end of this training, and carry out theoretical exercises on open source tools and economic analysis models made available.

Equipped with this new expertise, these trainees are now equipped to face the biomass power generation projects challenges in Senegal!

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