The inauguration of the Mbakaou power plant in the news headlines !

Closing a 2 years construction period, the 10 years project IED Invest's Mbakaou power plant was inaugurated on April 14, 2022 by the Minister of Water and Energy of Cameroon, Mr. Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

With a production capacity of 1.4MW, the electricity generated by the Mbakaou power plant now benefits the city of Tibati and the surrounding localities. The stability and continuity of the plant's energy supply makes it possible to boost the income-generating activities of the localities served and to improve the lives of the inhabitants.

The inauguration gathered a crowd of people and did the headlines of the national press.



Inauguration of the Mbakaou Small Hydroelectric Power Plant: it’s today !


IED worlwide team is proud to announce the inauguration today Thursday, April 14, 2022 of the small hydroelectric power plant of Mbakaou in Cameroon, in the presence of the Minister of Energy of Cameroon, the Ambassador of the European Union, as well as many Cameroonian personalities institutions and partners representatives of this beautiful project.

IED supports the development of a biomass power plant in Otjikoto, Namibia

With proven specific expertise in the study, design, implementation and operation of biomass power plants, IED and its partners have been selected to provide support to AFD and Nampower for the development of the Otjikoto biomass power plant in Namibia.

Namibia is currently facing a range of economic, environmental and energy challenges. From an energy perspective, Namibia imports more than 77% of its national electricity consumption. On the environmental front, the "Encroacher bush" the invasive vegetation, endangers about 45 million hectares of land, with impacts on biodiversity, water management and rural agriculture. In addition, poverty and unemployment affect 47% of the population living mainly in rural areas.

Bush encroachment

(Photo courtesy DAS)

Energy recovery from invasive vegetation would allow Namibia to increase its energy security and contribute to rural economic development while having a positive impact on the environment. 

It is in this context that Namibia's national electricity company, Nampower, plans to build and operate the Otjikoto Biomass Power Plant (OBPS), a 40 MWe power plant that will generate electricity by burning wood chips from the invasive bush ("encroacher bush"), harvested from the areas surrounding the project site.

After carrying out numerous technical, environmental and social studies, Nampower is in the process of launching tenders for EPC and fuel supply contracts. As for AFD, it is currently investigating a loan to Nampower to finance part of the production plant. On the other hand, the sustainability of the fuel supply chain is a key factor in the success of OBPS and other similar projects.  Aware of this point, NamPower, accompanied by AFD, plans to submit a grant application to the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) to ensure the long-term sustainability of the exploitation of the invasive bush  while maximizing the positive social impacts of the project.

In line with these elements, IED and its partners therefore have the mission to:

  • Prepare the examination of the FFEM grant application presented to the FFEM Steering Committee of August 2022;
  • Assist AFD in the due diligence of the OBPS project to address the specific concerns raised by AFD's credit committee.

The consortium formed and led by IED, brings together all the expertise necessary to carry out this project with the expertise of Nitidae's supply chain, INSUCO's environmental and social impact studies and Maxime Droit's design and operation of biomass power plants. A consortium supported by the local expertise of Werner Petrick (Namisun), who also participated in the realization of the social and environmental study of the OBPS project.

Senegal: Training on the sizing of HTA/BT networks for SENELEC staff

As part of an electrification project and a capacity building program with SENELEC, the electricity grid operator in Senegal, SAGEMCOM asked IED to carry out theoretical and practical training on the electrical and mechanical dimensioning of the HTA and BT networks.


This 3 weeks training was provided by IED from 17 January to 04 February 2022 and was focused on 3 themes:

  • Week 1: Village mapping from a Geographic Information System (MANIFOLD) and demand forecasting model
  • Week 2: Electrical sizing of HTA and LV networks
  • Week 3: Mechanical sizing of HTA and BT networks

The different themes were addressed through theoretical presentations and practical manual exercises. Thus, the students were able to apply the theoretical elements and exercises on the HTA/BT GISELEC network sizing software developed and marketed by IED.

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IED joins the Entreprise des Possibles

Supportive of actions in favour of vulnerable people in precarious situations, IED joined in 2022 the Entreprise des Possibles.

EDP LOGO 500x300 1

L'Entreprise des Possibles is a collective of committed companies founded in 2019 by Alain Mérieux. Its goal with its collaborators, public actors and various associations, is to mobilize human, financial and real estate resources to amplify the action of associations to help the most deprived such as fragile and homeless people.

In 2021, this collective did collect more than one million euros, paving the way for new projects to enable the reintegration of these precarious people.