A delegation from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Senegal on Hydrogen theme visit !

MEP H2 01

IED organized end january, a 7-day visit in Paris and the Rhône-Alpes region focused on the theme of Hydrogen, for a delegation from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Senegal, led by Mr. Cheikh NIANE Secretary General, composed of the Ministry Renewable Energy and Hydrocarbons Directorates members.

As the delegation is in charge of the preparation of Senegal's H2 strategy, IED with Tenerrdis support, the Energy Transition competitiveness cluster, has prepared a visit program in order to meet European and French H2 sector stakeholders.

The program began with a visit to the HYVOLUTION 2024 exhibition in Paris, which consolidated a network of Operators, equipment manufacturers, engineers and institutions from European countries.

The delegation then visited and met in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region H2 sector stakeholders: H2 mobility distributors, low-carbon industrial sites, storage solutions producers, equipment manufacturers and research centres.

Thanks to this visit to France, this Senegalese delegation obtained more information on the actors, technologies and market prospects of green H2 that will allow them to develop strategies to be applied in Senegal in order to develop the renewable energy sector.

Happy second year to the Mbakaou power plant!

This is the second anniversary of the commissioning of the Mbakaou Carrière Small Hydroelectric Power Plant (PCH) (1.49 MW) & associated power lines in Cameroon, a project led by IED INVEST CAMEROON as project developer and IPP - Independent Power Producer.

It was indeed on the 09 March 2022 that the final acceptance of the Mbakaou PCH facilities took place, marking the beginning of commercial operation period. After the successful test phase, the plant was officially inaugurated on 14 April 2022.


This second year of operation is marked by an availability rate of 97% and an optimum service quality to users.

With a production capacity of 1.5MW, the electricity generated by the Mbakaou power plant benefits the surrounding localities as well as the city of Tibati, thus allowing the development of income-generating activities and improving the inhabitants daily lives.

This "pilot experiment" in Cameroon is catching attention and site visits have multiplied this year, including those of university students, cooperation organizations or donors, and in particular the visit of a parliamentary delegation in December 2023 to study the replicability of this type of operation.


It's official : IED INVEST CAMEROON is pursuing small hydroelectric power plants development in Cameroon!

As part of the PROMOTE ENR 2024 exhibition, the Managing Director of IED INVEST and Mr. Gaston Eloundou Essomba, the Cameroonian Minister of Water and Energy (MINEE), signed on 21 February 2024, the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of two small hydroelectric power plants on the "Pont-Vina" and "Mbalang-Djalingo" sites, in the Adamawa region,  in the vicinity of the city of Ngaoundere, as Independent Power Producer (or IPP) status.


Preliminary studies have already estimated respectively for these two sites nominal capacities of 3.7MW and 5MW, that will support production on the northern grid, and replace fossil energy (from diesel generators) by 100% renewable clean energy.

IED INVEST CAMEROON will rely on its very good Cameroon knowledge of over 15 years, on its local teams and on its experience of the Mbakaou phase I power plant (1.5 MW) started in 2022 : the first small hydroelectric power plant (PCH <5MW) developed in IPP on a PPP financing package.

Pix PCH2

Pix PCH2

The construction in Senegal of the 2nd gasification plant built in Africa by IED Invest will soon be completed!

The equipment of the 2nd gasification plant that IED Invest is currently building in Africa was delivered in the Saint Louis region of Senegal on February 22, 2024.


This 85 kW biomass plant will enable the DB FOODS rice processing plant, through the innovative technique of rice husk valorization, to become self-sufficient in electricity.

This achievement is part of the BioStar project, which aims to contribute to energy and food security in West Africa through the development of a bioenergy sector, fulfilling the needs of agri-food processing SMEs.

The Agrogazelec project, supported by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), has also enabled the training of African technicians in the exploitation and adaptation of the technology, for its transfer from Cambodia to Africa.


Our teams in Cambodia and Côte d'Ivoire are eager to start the installation of this self-generation plant, which is scheduled for April 2024, as soon as the civil engineering works are completed.

We’re looking forward to see you for the upcoming power plant commissioning ! Stay tuned to keep you posted !

IED Consult, Consulting Engineer for SONATREL regarding the substations and HV lines construction supervision for the RIS-RIN interconnection project

IED Consult has just been selected in consortium with its partner Artelia, to carry out the 225 kV RIS-RIN interconnection contsruction works control and supervision.

The 225 kV RIS-RIN interconnection construction is part of a regional interconnection framework aiming to ultimately interconnect Cameroon's electricity grid to Chad’s, to benefit from production sources pooling to enable significant production costs savings favoring national electricity companies and local industries direct profits.

Thanks to the hydropower energy transfer from Cameroon to Chad, the project will reduce production costs in Chad and increase the access to electricity rate in both countries. The RIS-RIN interconnection is therefore an essential and extremely structuring project for the Cameroon's northern zone and the neighbouring countries development.

The RIS-RIN interconnection consists in a 225 kV power transmission line construction, of about 530 km length between the upstream Nachtigal power plant and the new Wouro Soua substation (near Ngaoundéré), and also 04 new substations construction (Ntui substation, Yoko substation, Tibati substation and Wouro Soua substation).

The RIS-RIN interconnection project route appears as on the map below

English RIS RIN