IED carried out the Due Diligence of the AFD loan granted to NamPower for the construction of the plant, and set up the environmental and social support program aimed at the sustainable rehabilitation of savannah lands - financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), and the Mitigation Action Facility (MAF).

The Otjikoto power plant will represent 6% of Namibia's installed capacity, supplied annually by 240,000 tonnes of invasive bush (Acacias), which harvest aims to the savannah land sustainable rehabilitation. The project will structure a responsible biomass supply chain and aims to rehabilitate 600,000 ha (out of more than 15 millions ha invaded today).


 Our consortium which includes Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF), Namibia Biomass Industry Group (NBiG) and Nitidae will support NamPower to these actions implementation for a 5 years period.

The social objectives are to maximize the positive impacts on the Disadvantaged, Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups (DVMG) through their participatory involvement in harvest and post-harvest activities, and to ensure equitable sharing of benefits between landowners, communities, harvesters, NamPower.

At the environmental level, it will be a question of developing, implementing and evaluating harvesting and post-harvest practices allowing the restoration of grazing land and its productivity; demonstrate the positive impacts on biodiversity (fauna and flora), groundwater recharge and resilience to droughts.

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