As part of its activities and expertise, IED has been asked by SENELEC (Société Nationale d'Electricité du Sénégal) to train its Renewable Energy Department staff in technical and economic analysis of biomass electricity production projects, as well as in dialogue with private developers.

A ten-day training course from October 10 to October 25, 2023, was held by IED at the company's headquarters in Francheville, in the Lyon region.

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The training was structured around the following themes:

  • Methods for identifying biomass resources (agro-industrial waste, household waste) on the national territory and in the environment of a power plant project.
  • Electricity generation technologies (boiler + turbo generator, gasifier, anaerobic digestion) with visits on sites in operation (1 wood cogeneration plant, 1 biogas plant for agro-industrial residues).
  • Technical and economic analyses of projects and biomass delivery to the plant.
  • Presentation of points of attention for electricity sector authorities to successfully design and implement biomass power generation plans and develop a project with a private sector partner.

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The different topics were addressed through theoretical presentations and practical manual exercises. Subsequently, the trainees were able to put into practice their knowledge assimilated at the end of this training, and carry out theoretical exercises on open source tools and economic analysis models made available.

Equipped with this new expertise, these trainees are now equipped to face the biomass power generation projects challenges in Senegal!

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