To achieve its goal of universal access to electricity, Senegal has set up a Universal Access Program (PAU), and has strengthened the coordination of its institutions that implement rural electrification projects through the creation of a Coordination and Supervision Unit of the Universal Access Program (UCS-PAU).

IED Consult, in a consortium with Ginger International, has been working since November 2022 as a Technical Assistant to support the UCS in setting up the monitoring and planning tools for the Universal Access Programme, and to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Energy and UCS member institutions. More than 10 training courses from the Ministry's training plan have already been endorsed, and 2 training courses on the methods and software developed by IED have been organized for the benefit of UCS member institutions.

  • In February 2023, training in geospatial planning of electrification at a lower cost with GEOSIM®


  • And in May 2023, a training on cost reduction on distribution networks: optimization of electrical and mechanical dimensions of MV and LV networks with GISTELEC® software, presentation of technical solutions for electrification at a lower cost, field visit and meeting of operator of optimized electrification solution.


Technical Assistance is funded by the European Union under the PADERAU programme