With proven specific expertise in the study, design, implementation and operation of biomass power plants, as well as the analysis of biomass resources and their sustainability, IED brings its technical expertise to the PCCET (Competitive Value Chains for Employment and Economic Transformation Project).

The power plant project consists of a 4MW unit using residues from cocoa, palm oil and possibly rubber processing as fuel. The particularity is that the plant will be built on an industrial site located in San Pedro that will process cocoa beans and benefit from a supply of electricity and heat. The client will be a project company in which the processing company will be involved; construction and operation will be entrusted to engineering and service companies with experience in projects of comparable size.  


The mission of IED is to carry out the preliminary technical studies, i.e. to verify the availability of the resource; to define the electrical and thermal producible in relation to the needs of the processing company; establish the technical principles of the design as well as the technical performances; quantify investments and draft the technical documentation of the tender documents; and assist the PCCET in the recruitment of a builder.

In addition to IED technical assistance, the PCCET has also recruited firms to address legal, tax and financial issues, as well as environmental impacts.

The start of the construction phase is expected in 2024 for commissioning before 2026.