In February, IED and its partners TPF and GME, finalized the Power Sector Development Master Plan for the island of São Tomé that had been presented last October to the Ministry of Energy of Sao Tome.

Thanks to this document, the Government of São Tomé will be able to develop its electricity system in compliance with its commitments to reduce CO2 emissions, and improve the quality of supply while reducing the cost of electricity for end consumers.


The future electricity mix of Sao Tome optimized by the IED teams will be based on the development of the many hydroelectric sites present on the island as well as on the deployment of an ambitious solar program supplemented by storage and finally, by the transition of thermal power plants to natural gas. Natural gas has indeed been preferred to heavy fuel oil and diesel because it emits less CO2 and will allow a more competitive electricity cost.

By 2030, according to our experts' calculations, two-thirds of the electricity produced in Sao Tome will be renewable and this proportion will be maintained in the future until the horizon of the study: 2050.