IED organized the validation workshop of the national program to improve access to electricity in Mali which was held on 3 November 2022 in Bamako.


This workshop is part of the PASEM project of the Republic of Mali, funded to the tune of 150 million dollars by the World Bank, and targets universal access to electricity by 2030 (only half of Malians currently live in electrified localities).

IED and its partner ID Sahel are involved in this project to provide consultancy services to analyze the country's access to electricity, to design an electrification program through the extension of the interconnected grid and the deployment of decentralized supply options (mini-grids, solar kits), and finally to develop an investment prospectus to finance the implementation of this program with the support of national and international partners.

Images of this workshop are available on the ORTM Youtube channel  at the following link (21'45):