Despite the prevailing insecurity in Niger, IED keeps contributing to the country’s growth. In November 2019, IED began a seven-month study on rural electrification. This is the third ongoing project of the firm in Niger, which strengthen its presence throughout the country.

The first one started in January. It was aimed to geo-referenced several cities in order to improve network management and quality of service of the Electricity Utility of Niger. Four months later, IED launched another project of solar photovoltaic hybridization work on existing diesel plants. It will increase the quality of electricity service and its access for unserved households and businesses, while reducing diesel consumption.

At the end of the year, IED was requested by the French Development Agency and the G5 Sahel to carry out a preliminary project summary study that will be used to increase access to modern energy services in 250 villages located in strong insecurity areas.

These three projects contribute to strengthen development dynamics in Sahel, and thus to combat the growing insecurity in this region.